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Who are we? We’re the people who believe that community means local. We believe that the people here are just as good as the people across the country. We want OUR locals to be seen AND heard.

LocalWow was started by a local Chicagoland area businesses man who, like many other local business owner, struggled to find leads, get in front of the right people and really show that he was an expert in his field. We call him Mr. T! (Really, he’s not the “look at me” type of person and his last name starts with a “”T”!)

Too often people from outside the area were advertising in his area and taking his business!

His strength was knowing his industry, getting to know people, taking care of them with customer service that “wowed”, and not marketing.

Realising that other businesses were just like this, he wanted to do something to help other local businesses who wanted to be seen more for as the experts they are and share useful information, without feeling like they were trying to sell something every time!

We found that so many businesses were great at what they do, but were hard to find and rarely showed others that they knew the answers to the questions people are asking. That’s why we decided to launch the directory WITH the Local Wow Podcast.

The directory offers local Chicagoland businesses an affordable way to reach the community and show off their products, events, photos, videos, articles and more, all in one place.

Not skewed by Google algorithms and allowing outsiders to come up in search results before local businesses, LocalWow is about what is happening in the 8-County Area around Chicago ONLY.

Joining up with a team obsessed with local marketing, Mr. T wanted to bring something unique to the mix, something that would allow local businesses to be heard, as well as seen.

Enter the Local Wow Podcast! The local wow podcast offers our members a chance to share some of their best advice, lessons, stories, failures and successes, and you get all this completely free!

Our goal is to bring the local businesses, the ones you’ll meet, interact with, recommend to your friends and, of course, buy from, to the forefront of the people in the communities in and around the Chicago 8-county area. You’ll be amazed how much you didn’t know about these people and what they can offer, both in stories that will inspire you and advice that will motivate you to just say “wow”!

LocalWow is not about us. It’s about you. Tell us who wowed you. Tell us who you want to wow you on the podcast and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

Thanks for joining us and we'll see you on the inside.

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Local Wow Chicagoland

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